Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Swimsuit Collection

Hello, again!
I'm back with another post and this time I decided to show you my collection of bathing suits, because this year is the first one when I have some which I really like. No. Love!
I was so excited about them that I just couldn't rezist not to show them to you.
So here they are!

Bathing suit #1

I love this one because it is simple and classical. I'd totally see myself on a yacht, wearing it and being fabulous. If only that ever happened...

Bathing suit #2

This time I mixed it up a bit and I used the same bottoms and a different top, something that is very "in" this year and something that you'll see me do a lot for in the following pictures.

Bathing suit #3

Here I did the same thing, but even though I used the same bikini bottoms, the top part gives it a sporty feel , perfect for a volleyball game on the beach.

Bathing suit #4

Continuing in the same vibe, the one below I also like to wear when I have more of an active day at the pool/beach. It's definitely not the one for laying aroud and getting some tantan.
Oh! And look, my tennis racket totally matches! Lucky me.

Bathing suit #5

This last bikini is one of my favourites!
I think it looks so 1940's, girly and cute, but the neon yellow kind of brings it back into our times.

Thank you for once again reading my post, and as always, see you next time!
Have the loveliest day!

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