Friday, 15 August 2014

Simply the Best!

I haven't blogged for almost two weeks! No, wait... For exactly two weeks! Buuut, I do have a slightly acceptable explanation: I don't know why, but my body decided a few weeks ago that everything is too peaceful inside of me so he thought "Why not create a HUGE hormonal imbalance and give this lady the most horrible menstrual cramps she ever had?"
And no, this blog post isn't about my cramps, though they'd sure make a hell of a story!

But, before hell broke loose, I had the most awesome birthday celebration this Sunday and now I'm telling you all about it.

I woke up pretty early and was in such a great mood that I HAD to start my day with a selfie.
Cause like... Who doesn't?

My Mom made an absolutely delicious cake. It was a vanilla dough moist in raspberry juice with chocolate cream, covered in chocolate frosting and just a few blueberries for decor. Yummy!

Later in the day my friends along with my cousin joined me for a little girls night out in this amazing looking place! Though the service was not the best quality, we laughed it off and had an amazing time together.

Because the temperature outside was well over 25°C, all of us ended up ordering lemonades to cool us off.
The pink/red one is what I drank- lemonade with straberry juice if I remember correctly, and the one in the back is what one of my friends drank- lemonade with basil.

 And how can some BFF's get together and not take selfies?! Or groufies, like my friend likes to call them (group selfie=groufie haha Get it?).

Now... Of course we weren't gonna let ourselves starve to death! My cousin ordered some "Tapas" with tomato sauce, prosciutto and rucola. And like the well behaved girls that we were, we gave ourselves permission to each get a bite. They were quite delicious, though a bit too salty for my taste.
And then we went to McDonald's. But let me tell you, after seeing what happens to a burger when it gets into your stomach (shared it on Twitter if you want to see it)... I did feel a bit guilty. Sorry, body!

That's pretty much everything I did that day. It wasn't anything fancy, but the fact that I got to spend time with people I enjoy being with, really made it a hundred times more special.
Thank you, friends and cousin!

Do let me know what you did on your birthday or if you have any amazing memories with your friends that you think are worth sharing. I'd love to read all about it!

P.S. I was thinking of showing you what I got for my birthday so let me know if you'd like that.


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