Friday, 9 January 2015

Favourite clothing stores

Hello, again!
Ok, so the other day I was on Yahoo!Answers, searching some fashion questions to answer to. As I was scrolling down the page, I came across someone asking which were our favourite clothing shops.
Fastforward today... And I am now writing a blog post on it. Thanks, annonymus person!

Whenever I go to the mall, I enter almost any shop in my sight, but there are a few which make me excited everytime I'm about to walking in.

1. ZARA 
One reason I reaaally like Zara is for their design on clothes. They're so classy and sophisticated.
Another reason I like them is for the quality of clothes. I mean sure, they're more expensive than other brands, but if you want something that will last...forever? then I think Zara does a great job in that department.
And the last reason I can think of is that they take themselves seriously. Meaning? If there's a sale, then there's a sale. I don't know what's like in your country, but over here it is quite rare you find really good deals on sales. 
And speaking of sales... Here are some bargains I found:

              59.99 USD - 149.00 USD                            29.99 USD - 79.90 USD                           29.99 USD - 79.90 USD                            22.99 USD - 49.90 USD

2. H&M 
When the first H&M shop opened in my city I was in heaven! 
What's great about it is that they have something for everyone- teens, children, women, men. They got ya' covered! Oh, and they have a department for home as well, but I'm sure you already knew that. 
Another thing I like about H&M? They have really good basics, for really good prices.
And last but definitely not least...they have tons of accessories (love their bags)!
And now lemme show you a little bit what I'm talking about...

              KNIT SWEATER                                 PENCIL SKIRT                                      HANDBAG                                      LOAFERS                  
                 24.95 USD                                    12.95 USD                                         24.95 USD                                     14.95 USD

3. New Look
There are mainly two reasons why I like New Look. First, I loooove their stuff; they have such unique pieces and everytime I walk in their store I am amazed at how beautiful some of the thing are.
Second, they have student discounts! How awesome is that?
And oh, yeah... they have sales right now for up to 70% :)

               44.45 USD - 88.88 USD                           10.90 USD - 27.25 USD                           21.32 USD - 35.54 USD                             21.32 USD - 35.54 USD      

NOTE:  * Because the prices for New Look are either in £ or , I used a convertor to write the prices in USD. 
                 * I was not paid to write this, all opinions are my own :)

So which are your favourite shops? 

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